5 Reasons Why We Should Focus on Fictional Movies

5 Reasons Why We Should Focus on Fictional Movies


We live in a world where the news cycle is moving at lightning speed. It’s not uncommon to read something that happened yesterday and realize it was fake. We are also living in an era where technology is getting more sophisticated and believable, which makes it easier to fool people, even those who are tech-savvy. But all of this isn’t just affecting our ability to discern between truth and fiction ,  it’s also affecting our ability to tell genuine stories from false ones.

Star wars movie quiz questions are a great example of how we can be tricked into believing something that isn’t real. The world of fiction has become so advanced that it’s almost impossible to tell what is real and what is fake,  but there are some telltale signs that can help you recognize when something is a hoax.

It allows us to forget about our problems

Sometimes, it’s just more fun to escape from reality for a bit.

The real world is tough. We all have problems and worries, which can sometimes make it hard to enjoy life. But when we watch movies or television shows, we get a chance to forget about our troubles for a while.

Movies and TV shows allow us to relax, escape from the real world, experience joy and happiness (even if only for two hours), and even laugh at ourselves along with others who have similar experiences as us or can relate to what we see on screen–all without having any consequences.

It’s fun to watch our fictional heroes and heroines

We all want to be heroes and heroines.

Fictional characters can inspire us, they can help us to be more positive and confident, they can encourage us to be courageous and ambitious. These are all qualities that help make the world a better place. So why not focus on fictional movies?

We can learn new things

Fictional movies are a great way to enrich our lives. They can teach us new things, inspire us, and make us laugh, think, or just feel inspired.

The movie “The Lego Movie” is one of my favorites because it teaches me about building with Legos. In the movie Emmet (the main character) thinks he’s an ordinary guy who has no special abilities at all. He doesn’t realize that he’s actually special until he gets help from his friends who encourage him to try building new things out of his Lego bricks–things like a rocket ship.

Another movie I love is called “Toy Story.” This one teaches me about friendship between toys and how important it is for them to be there for each other when they’re needed most. In this movie Woody (a cowboy doll) wants Andy (a boy who plays with all his toys) not only as his friend but also as a child forever after so that nothing bad happens during their play time together ever again.”

Fictional movie characters often have unique qualities that we aspire to have

Fictional characters are great because they allow us to explore what we would like to be, how we would like to act and interact with others. They allow us to see ourselves in a different light and help us understand who we are and what our values are.

Fictional characters can be inspiring in that they often have qualities that we aspire to have. They can also be role models for people who don’t normally feel comfortable being themselves or feeling confident in themselves. Fictional movies and books also inspire you by showing how even when life seems hopeless, there’s always hope in your own strength and courage if you just keep moving forward toward it.

I hope that you’ll take the time to watch some fictional movies, and get away from your real world worries for a while. You’ll be surprised at how much they can help you.