iSchoolConnect Community

iSchoolConnect Community


iSchoolConnect is an online platform that aids students in submitting pursuing education abroad. They help students with their applications and guide through the full study abroad process.

The iSchoolConnect Community is a community of study abroad aspirants open to students and parents alike. The community is a place for study abroad aspirants to interact with fellow aspirants, find information about scholarships, internships, test prep and so much more. There is now a significant student population that is expanding daily in well-known cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and others.

The  iSchoolConnect  Community also has essay writing workshops, visa interview training and tips on LORs and more. As a candidate, we advise you to select the community that is most convenient for you and sign up with them right away to stay up to date on any developments in higher education.

Who can join the iSC Community?

The iSC Community is open to everyone.

However, they keep an eye on the neighborhood to make sure nobody is trying to advertise or market their company there. Membership is thus purely by invitation.

This group is for students, parents, and anyone else interested in study abroad planning, direction, etc.

Students seeking mentoring in international education

Students who are unsure about studying abroad

Mentors, specialists, and advisers

What comprises the iSchoolConnect community?

The iSchoolConnect Community has a plethora of resources for members to access. Following are some elements of the iSchoolConnect Community resource –

Get in touch with fellow Aspirants

Find other students who are going to the same educational destination as you to study together. This can also be helpful when shortlisting and applying for colleges abroad.

Free Workshops

There are seminars on essay writing, advice on obtaining the finest letters of recommendation, preparation for immigration interviews, etc. This can help you immensely when filling in university applications and preparing for interviews.


Find out how to get the most out of need- and merit-based scholarships. There are a number of scholarships available for international students, and researching for them single-handedly can be a task. Through the community you can get to know about and apply for more scholarships.

Expert Opinion

Meet with local specialists on studying abroad, former visa counselors, directors of admission at international universities, etc.

Test-Prep Partners

To maximize the effectiveness of your exam preparation for the GMAT, GRE, etc., team up with a study group or peer. This can help you stay motivated and on track with your test preparation.


Discover more about potential internships with iSchoolConnect and its affiliate companies. The iSchoolConnect community is a great place to network and find internships to make your profile better.

Benefits of joining the iSchoolConnect Community

1. Free access to workshops

Learn all about study abroad basics, profile building, and scholarships.

2. Interact with international professors and students

Get your questions about studying abroad answered by faculty and professors worldwide.

3. Interact with recruitment professors

Start building your network and know more about recruitment opportunities.

4. Talk to study abroad mentors

Get answers to all your queries by connecting for free with study abroad experts.

5. Get study abroad news updates

Get up-to-date information and news about all the happenings in the field of education abroad.

6. Connect with like-minded aspirants

Join the fellow study abroad aspirants in your journey to get into your dream universities overseas.

Key takeaways

For those looking to study abroad, iSchoolConnect can help you to reach your goals. It strives to keep students informed of the most recent news and information in higher education and has already made connections with more than 10 colleges. Enroll yourself today with the iSchoolConnect community to get a step closer to your dream of studying abroad.