What can you do with a data science degree?

What can you do with a data science degree?


A recent report by McKinsey Global found that employing data science applications in a business can improve its profitability by 60%. This statistic is an indicator of the importance of data science in the modern world.

Before you jump in to do a bachelors in data science, it’s important to understand the career prospects of your decision. Let’s do a deep dive into what you can do with a data science degree.

What does data science involve?

Data science involves collecting data, shaping it, finding optimum ways of storing and processing it, and techniques to derive meaningful information out of it. The most important purpose of data science would be data-driven decision-making that promotes company profits and business culture.

What are the top advantages of enrolling in a good data science degree?

A data science degree can be very useful when you are trying to process huge reserves of data and decipher meaningful information from them. Here are a few common benefits of investing time and money in a good data science programme.

  1. You are introduced to important data analytics techniques and procedures that are currently in the industry use.
  2. You are exposed to the latest industry standards and trends as well as data science best practices
  3. You get real-time insight into the actual job description of a data scientist and the kind of career challenges you would face in the role.
  4. You develop the technical expertise for data processing and learn ancillary technical skills like computer programming and mathematical model development.
  5. You get to interact with industry seniors and learn from their experience
  6. Most cybersecurity programmes provide placement support which can give you an initial boost for your career.

What are the career prospects of a data science programme?

Today, every business aspires to take data-backed decisions to remove ambiguity and improve profits. Therefore, data science applications and career opportunities are shooting up in practically every field.

Here are some of the most happening career domains that hire data scientists.

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Marketing research and management
  3. Sales and marketing
  4. Business development
  5. IT management
  6. Productivity management
  7. Healthcare and clinical research
  8. Financial management
  9. Cryptocurrency

What kind of career roles can you find in the data science world?

Career role diversity is a given if you decide to pursue a data science degree. The programme can prepare you for a wide range of roles and positions that can offer excellent compensation packages.

Here are some of the most common career paths opted for by data science graduates.

  1. Data scientists
  2. Machine learning scientists
  3. Big Data engineers
  4. HADOOP specialists
  5. Enterprise architects
  6. Application architects
  7. Data engineers
  8. Infrastructure architects
  9. Business statisticians
  10. Business intelligence developers
  11. Analytics managers
  12. Business analysts

If you fathom that a career in data science is not measuring up to your expectations,later, a data science degree can also provide enough transferable skills to help you make the switch to an ancillary career domain.

A career in data science can be exciting, secure and financially rewarding. Start looking out for appropriate data science programmes from good universities today to start building your career.

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