Types of Student Accommodations in the UK

Types of Student Accommodations in the UK


Did we hear you celebrating being accepted at your preferred university in the UK? Well, that’s great news! But then, it’s also time to find a student accommodation that would suit your convenience as well your choices. Since it is a new country and one you have never been to, it might sound like an overwhelming job!

But there’s always a way out if you do proper research and meticulous planning. Here are some nitty-gritty which you might want to keep in mind while looking for student accommodation Glasgow or any other city in the UK.

Types of Accommodations

The most common forms of accommodation in the UK are university halls, private flatshares, or other private student accommodations. The most preferred among them all is the student halls or the university halls. These especially top the list of choices of the first-year students, considering they are the best places to mingle and get acquainted with fellow students and make friends in a new place. These halls are usually close to the universities, which makes the situation quite convenient in terms of the conveyance. Although the costs might vary from one university to another, these would at any time be the most economical of all the other options. The bills will also probably include the charges for an internet connection, which adds another checkmark in favour of these accommodations.

Private student accommodation Coventry and in other places, on the other hand, will probably be newly built and well-furnished multi-storey blocks catering to most of your needs. Your bills, in this case, may probably include contents insurance and your internet fees as well, taking care of all your primary requirements.

Renting entire flats or houses as your student accommodation might be a good option if you want to stay alone, keeping your privacy intact. However, in this case, you would have to take care of all the bills and sort out other matters like the internet connection, etc.

Are you aware of the TV licence?

In the UK, you need to have a TV licence, by law in order to watch live programs or other programs which have been recorded via a mobile, laptop, tablet or TV. Irrespective of the kind of student accommodation you are in, the TV licence will still be mandatory. For shared houses, if you have joined tenancy, one license per house should be sufficient.

The Internet

In case you have opted for university halls or private student accommodations, an internet connection will be ready for you from day one and the charges will probably be included in your fees. However, if you are renting a private property, you will have to take care of the connection and for this, you will need to get a telephone line for channelling the internet. You will find that this is a requirement of all the service providers. Also, there is always the option of getting yourself a dongle so that you can use the internet on the go.


With these tips in mind, make your own planning and you would find yourself in a very comfortable situation when you reach the new city and start a new life.