Top Tips to get the Perfect Accommodation in the UK

Top Tips to get the Perfect Accommodation in the UK


The UK has almost always been one of the most desirable destinations for students willing to study abroad. However, as a result, the number of students who come here to study is huge and it can often turn out to be quite tricky to choose an accommodation that would both suit your needs as well as your budget. However, the convenient part here is that these cities are quite student-centric and offer a number of options when it comes to student accommodation.

So to help you choose the best option among various student accommodation London or other cities in the UK, here are some tips:

· Be early to apply

The fact that the cities in the UK are highly preferred for higher education, necessarily means that the accommodations here will be rented or sold off sooner than usual. This will include university accommodations, homestays, or even private accommodations. Those who would be looking for University accommodations should definitely apply within the due date of the application while those preferring private accommodations should apply at least one or two months prior to arrival at the city once they have decided on the university.

· Search and research

Before you arrive at your preferred city for higher education, research well about the different kinds of student accommodations Birmingham or in any other city whatsoever. Most cities offer three different kinds of accommodations – the University halls of residence, private rentals, and private student accommodations. The halls of residence of the universities are the most preferred ones and here you have to apply through within the deadline via the university website. These halls may be catered or self-catered, varying from one university to another.

Students may even opt for private student accommodations which include well-maintained, budget-friendly properties ranging from studios and ensuites to bedrooms available on a sharing basis. Most of these are very secure and located in the vicinity of the major universities for the convenience of the students.

Private rentals, i.e. renting an individual property completely, on the other hand, are also preferred by some students who can afford them and wish to stay alone. The drawback in such a case might include dealing with the cleanliness and maintenance of the property by oneself without getting much help.

· Location!

The location of your student accommodation is, of course, one of the most important things you have to consider while moving to a new city. Here are a few things, which you should keep in mind:

  1. a) Your travelling expenses
  2. b) Distance from your desired university
  3. c) Safety
  4. d) Amenities
  5. e) Ease of conveyance

· What the price includes

If you want value for your money, you should know what all the quoted rent or cost involves. Knowing whether or not it includes utility bills, kitchen equipment, laundry service, internet connection, bedding, etc. is extremely important for you to have a clearer idea.


To conclude, these were the basic points you should keep in mind while looking for student accommodations in the UK. Of course, there would be other considerations too and that would also vary from person to person. So just narrow down your needs and start searching today!