The Top 10 Most Useful Marketing Websites For College Students

The Top 10 Most Useful Marketing Websites For College Students


The Ultimate List Of The Top 10 Most Useful Marketing Websites For College Students

You do not need to take an accredited marketing course or go to a recognized institution to learn how to be a great marketer.There are several ways you can do so.

You can join a professional organization to grow your experience while continuing your studies or after graduating. The initiative will help you apply your knowledge in class to the real world.

Meanwhile, as a student, it is critical to keep up with news and trends in your industry. It will help you keep up with the ever-changing environment. The internet is a valuable tool with tons of resources to help you succeed in your career. Here is a list of the top 10 most useful marketing websites for college students;

1. markonmag

markonmag is a Singapore-based website for marketing students. It is a great resource for those looking to learn about the fundamentals of the various marketing fields. They also provide good internship and career advice for marketing students.

2. Coursera

Unlike other educational sites, Coursera will offer you more theories about marketing than practical. The courses are more costly than in other marketing websites for students. Still, they give you an edge over other students when looking for a job. It pools resourcesfrom various universities and colleges worldwide.

3. Writing Wildly

Writing Wildly is a platform where you can hire freelance content writers in Singapore. Apart from providing freelance writing services, they have a great blog where they share some of the best content writing tips around.

4. Google Digital Garage

As businesses move towards e-commerce operations, digital marketing is an essential skill to have. The Google Digital Garage website will train you on the practices. You will get a certificate upon completing the course.

5. Hootsuite

The courses will help you enhance your skills in social marketing. It contains various topics on the subject, and you will certify yourselfas a social marketer.

6. Think with Google

It is essential to understand consumer behavior to be a proficient marketer. Think with Google is a website with consumer information. It uses the data the company collects on its platforms.

7. Hubspot

Hubspot offers information on global marketing practices. The content will sharpen your skills, and you can benefit from it, whether in school or working.

8. eMarketer

The eMarketer platform is mong the helpful websites for students gives you access to newsletters on what is trending in the sector. It contains critical information for all marketers regardless of their level.

9. Direct Marketing Association

Apart from giving you info on the industry, you can look for marketing jobs on the website. Still, you can get scholarships as it will redirect you to available opportunities.

10.Activation Ideas

You can inspire yourself by learning from experienced individuals in your industry. The website will give you ideas on undertaking marketing campaigns as it includes samples from established marketing companies. You can study the scenarios to get clues on marketing strategies.