Great STEM Learning Toys: Seven Benefits for your Child

Great STEM Learning Toys: Seven Benefits for your Child


The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In today’s economy, STEM fields are key to a great career.

There are a wide range of STEM toys available to parents. How to choose among them? Which is the right toy for my child?

Here are the seven benefits of a great STEM toy and a recommendation.

The Seven Benefits of Great STEM Toys

1) Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Look for STEM toys which aim to teach while being fun. Such toys use progressive learning to stimulate problem-solving. The toy itself should allow numerous combinations and arrangements to deliver hours of fun.

2) Builds Resilience

Great STEM toys encourage learning from failure. Learning from what does not work is equally as important as an experiment which is successful. Great toys build resilience by encourage children to learn from what does not work, re-group, re-think, re-do, re-peat if needed, re-learn, and finally succeed.  A great STEM toy supports the student to try, fail, try again, and succeed. Kids learn to see mistakes as a natural journey to learning and eventual success.

3) Encourages Experimentation

If we humans never experimented or took risks, a majority of the technological advancements we see now wouldn’t have been created into existence. Experiments are the cornerstone of scientific progress. Look for a STEM toy which encourage learning through a structured Design process. One well known STEM toy, iBrics ( effectively uses Systems Thinking and an Engineering Design Process to develop needed skills.

4) Encourages Teamwork

Since teamwork is a core skill needed in today’s economy, great STEM toys work well individually as well as in teams. Great STEM toys use progressive challenges and a powerful framework to enable collaborative learning. At a young age, use of such toys develops children to be effective team players.

5) Encourages Application

Great STEM toys connect science and math concepts, taught in the classroom, with real work application of such concepts. Look for STEM toys which teach the “How” and “Why” behind everyday devices such as Night Lights or Water Alarms. Look for STEM toys which encourage children to use their imagination, build on their knowledge, and develop something new and novel.

6) Encourages the Understanding of Technology

Today’s children have a high comfort level with using technology. A great STEM toy will leverage this comfort level and teach kids the “How” and “Why” behind todays’ technology. They will learn the science behind smart devices. Hopefully this understanding will transform some of them from Users of technology into Creators of Future technology.

7) Teaches how to Problem-Solve

Look for STEM Toys which go beyond a step-by-step instruction manual. Great STEM toys encourage problem-solving through open ended challenges. They use scaffolded learning and a progressive approach to maintain a high level of engagement for a long time.

A Great STEM toy is from iBrics ( Their STEM Education sets are affordable, expandable, and deliver hands-on learning for kids 8 and over. iBrics Education Sets are designed to make science learning fun. The iBrics learning process was developed by a parent for their own children and is now available for all parents.

Give your child the Gift of Learning. Give them an iBrics STEM Education Set.