7 Best-paying Second Jobs for Teachers

7 Best-paying Second Jobs for Teachers


As we all know that teaching is a significant profession that needs significant education and training. So, why do several teachers work multiple jobs to make ends meet?According to the latest studies, financial pressures don’t go away even after a rise of 12% second jobs of a teacher’s annual incomeduring the summer.

So, what are some of the best part-time jobs for teachers after schoolto help boost their yearly income?

However, before jumping into the central point, we need to know certain facts about a teacher’s compensation. Please note these are being shared in a general notion, exceptions are always present!

5 Unheard Facts About ATeacher’s Compensation

Following are the five major facts about teachers’ compensation —-

  1. Teachers’ wage is quite low when compared to other professionals.
  2. Teachers don’t get summers off.
  3. Research from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) equated teachers’ wages to other employees with similar education and experience. They found that the teacher pay gap is broader than ever.
  4. A huge number of teachers use their own money to buy supplies.
  5. Mid- and late-career teachers are still poorly paid.

7  Best Side Jobs For Teachers

Let us look at some of the best-paying alternative jobs for teachers that pay almost above $10 an hour.

1. Bartender

As they typically work late evenings and weekend shifts, bartenders have very flexible schedules, and their income is primarily based on tips from customers.Usually, a bartender works at a bar taking a drink as well as different food orders. They are responsible for blending alcoholic beverages, serving customers, and maintaining a stocked bar. They can find opportunities in bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and private events.

2. Selling Lesson Plans

Nowadays, teacher paying teachers have changed the way teachers collect and share content. To earn some extra bucks, selling you lesson plans is a good idea.

3. Curriculum Developer

Well, you already have the qualification and experience for this one! You understand what works in the classroom. You can put your experience to use as a curriculum developer. Search majorjob boards for promising breaks in standard education and privately-owned businesses.

4. Transcriptionist

Generally, a transcriptionist listens to recorded or live audio files and converts them into text format. A transcriptionist may work with general transcription services or in an explicit industry that needs specialized knowledge. Transcriptionists tend to be self-employed and work from a remote location.

5. Camp Counselor

If you want a small break from teaching, have fun with children as a camp counselor. You will get the opportunity to go on field trips, explore, and keep children safe while their parents are at work. It’s also one of the most popular side jobs for teachers.

6. Online Tutor

A tutor is typically a teacher or an expert in a particular subject who helps students with their leaning. They work in different places, including schools and offices planned for tutoring sessions, though they may also work remotely from home. Occasionally, tutors help students prepare for a specific event or exam too.

7. Afterschool Program Coordinator

An afterschool program coordinator supervises all of a program’s administrative errands. They are frequently in charge of a lot of the logistics needed for a well-run afterschool program. As afterschool program coordinators, they plan events, manage supporting staff and manage the program’s daily operations.

The Bottom Line

Teaching is one of those kinds of jobs that people does as they’re passionate about it. Teachers who want to work from home will find a plethora of online teaching jobs. International Teacher Training Courses will prepare teachers holistically.

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