What Are the Canada Student Visa Eligibility Requirements?

What Are the Canada Student Visa Eligibility Requirements?


Besides being a popular immigration destination, Canada is also a very attractive destination for students. It is a highly developed country with an excellent teaching methodology and valuable degrees. As a result, many individuals desire to enroll their children in Canadian primary or secondary schools, and adults want to begin their university or graduate studies there.

To apply for a Canada study visa, you need to submit an online application form. However, if you are failed to apply online due to a technical issue with the online application, you can apply on paper. When you submit the forms, you must include the following Canada student visa eligibilityrequirements:

  • A scan of your passport to verify its validity.
  • Your travel history, which includes scanning your entire passport to demonstrate that you have blank pages.
  • Letters from the courts and police in your country indicate you have no criminal record.
  • A letter from you to the Canadian government stating why you should be awarded a visa and study permit.
  • Two photographs that satisfy the Canada Photo Requirements
  • Medical examinations.
  • Your employment or educational status as evidenced by a resume or diplomas
  • Proof that you can meet the costs of studying in Canada (tuition and living expenses) by doing one of the following:
  • You must show proof of a Canadian bank account in your name.
  • A GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate issued by a Canadian financial institution is required.
  • You must validate that you have taken a student loan from a bank.
  • You must have bank statements dating back at least four months.
  • You must show documentation of having paid your tuition and housing fees.
  • You must have a letter from the person or institution providing the funds.
  • You must provide proof of your scholarship.
  • You must submit a letter explaining why you wish to study abroad Canada and confirming that you accept and understand theresponsibilities as a student in Canada.
  • If a minor is travelling to Canada to study and requires a custodian who is not a parent of the minor, you must additionally submit a Custodian Declaration Form, which indicates who the child’s custodian is and must be signed by the child’s parents or legal guardians.
  • If you are a beginner to apply, you do not need a document number on the study permit known as a Unique Client Identifier (UCI). If you have already applied for a study permit, you must write your study permit document number, which you can find in any correspondence provided to you by the Canadian Government.
  • If you are accompanied by family members (spouse or common-law partner and minor children), you must also have the application paperwork ready for them and apply as a family.

Summing Up

All documents should be translated into English or French, and certifications and confirmation of translation must be provided. After you have provided all of your documents, you can proceed to submit your application and pay the costs, and then wait for reviewing eligibility Canada student visa.

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