How to Get AWS Certification

How to Get AWS Certification


Cloud computing is a craze right now, and AWS is by far the largest and most performing platform for cloud computing in the world. With employers desperate to move their outdated on-premises computing infrastructure to the cloud and happy to pay big bucks to people who can do this effectively, there has never been a better time to get AWS certified than now.

In this article, I’ll explain to you a structured 3-step approach to conquering the AWS Certified Training:

Register for the Exam

You may be wondering, why signing up for the exam is the first step. Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn everything first and then sign up?

Short answer: No. Psychologically, you will be much more motivated to study if you have exam deadlines looming over you. If you keep putting off applying until you feel confident enough, you may never take the exam.

Therefore, I would recommend setting a fixed date sometime between 3 and 6 months from now and try my best to appear ready. If worse comes to worst, AWS allows rescheduling 2 times for free.

Register for AWS Certification Training

Before you can get an AWS Certification, you are required to accept an exam given by AWS. So, before you take the exam, you need to take aws training first so that it is easy for you to take the exam.

This is it, a hands-on approach to getting AWS certification. Depending on your time availability and knowledge of computer science, this program will take you between 3-6 months to complete. Therefore, be honest with yourself when setting deadlines.

Finally, an important comment for those who are overconfident in their AWS capabilities: The exams are difficult and filled with scenario-based questions that test your understanding of subtle feature differences among many AWS services.

Even if you have some AWS experience, be sure to prepare for the exam carefully. Thinking that you’re a pro after building some Lambda functions that move data between S3 and RDS is a mistake. I hope this article will help you get aws certification. And if you need to find AWS Certification Training, you can visit this website.

Top FAQ’s for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

1. Is it worthwhile to obtain the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification?

Like any other certification, it all relies on your goals for obtaining an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Some managers received this certification to ensure they have a basic grasp of the services utilized by the teams they supervise, even if they are not involved in solution architecture or DevOps Administration responsibilities. You should consider your function in the organization and if being certified will be helpful.

From a different angle, you may ask yourself, “Would be an AWS CCP help my career at all?” Sometimes you’re looking for a break in your career and just aren’t seeing enough progress in obtaining job interviews/offers. It’s where a certification like AWS Cloud Practitioner may assist.

In reality, I have benefitted from this method. A few months after receiving my AWS CCP certification, people learned that the top engineers on my team are searching for a Cloud-based replacement for an on-premises legacy backup system we already had in place.

AWS storage solutions combining with S3 and Glacier helped businesses. It well explained the considerable amount of money it can save with the ease of operation. It’s also highly dependable considering its rivals.

In addition, I’ve gotten tons of messages from recruiters on LinkedIn for a range of high-paying AWS-related positions, for which I was not eligible at the time! Why? Because my new AWS certification put me squarely on their AWS-sensitive radar!

2. What are the prerequisites/requirements for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam?

AWS has not established any formal prerequisites for taking the Cloud Practitioner certification test. However, they urge that candidates have at least six months of AWS Cloud experience in any (technical, management, sales, or financial) role. You do not have to be a professional  IT specialist, but you should have a basic grasp of technological services and their applications in the AWS Cloud platform.

3. What resources should I utilize to prepare for the AWS CCP certification exam?

Several relevant AWS Training courses and other resources are available to help you acquire extra information and skills to prepare for the certification, including Netcom Learning. There is no better preparation for real-world application of the topics you learn than hands-on experience.

4. How many questions can I expect, and how much time should I allow for the AWS CCP exam?

The exam costs vary for different languages in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. Sample Questions are available to give an idea of the types of questions you could encounter on the actual test.

5. What is the role of an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

As an AWS CCP, you may not be able to go further into developing technical solutions for your business, but expanding on that foundation, obtaining next-level AWS certs, and securing a higher-paying position becomes a much easier process. It can lead to Support Engineer, System Integrator, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Developer, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, and Cloud Architect positions. An approximate salary range is $60K to $160,000+ depending on the role and responsibilities.

6. How much may an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner earn?

According to a recent pay study, the average yearly income of an AWS Amazon Certifications holder is $113,932. Salaries have increased by 10% in the previous year, and with AWS being the leading cloud computing platform in many companies, these figures are highly likely to climb further.

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