Hands-On Tips as You Prepare to Complete Your Online TEFL Course

Hands-On Tips as You Prepare to Complete Your Online TEFL Course


In recent times, online TEFL courses have become more and more popular in many walks of life. Moreover, with the global pandemic, TEFL course onlinehas become the saviour for people who want to teach English as a foreign language. With the convenience and flexibility, this has become the clear choice for several aspiring English teachers.

Nevertheless, online learning can be a challenge for anyone who is new to this form of instruction. A lot of questions may arise in your mind like who will be your English students?What new cultural customs will you be learning?And so on… so, if you are considering an online TEFL course, we have shared a few tips to aid you to complete it successfully.

Tips for Successful Online Learning

Here are some of the helpful study tips for completing your TEFL course online —

1. Steady Internet Access

Though this may seem very obvious but there are still problems. The important nature of an online course means that you will need steady and reliable access to the internet. Before signing up for the course, you need to safeguard that you have a quiet as well asa relaxed place where you can work through your studies. Also, make sure that your computer/laptop is well-equipped with any software and hardware that the course needs.

2. Create a Study Plan

The flexibility also means that anyone can study an online course alongside their job or other kinds of commitments. Without a proper study schedule, you will face a lot of challenges. Creating a study schedule and time management through the course will support keeping you on track. How you develop this timetable depends on what works best for you. That could be half an hour every evening, an afternoon a week, or even a full day devoted to studying.

3. Opt For a Course With Good Tutorial Support

It is necessary to choose an online TEFL course with good tutorial support. Selecting a course that provides you with full support from an experienced instructor is a smart way to help make sure you stay on track. Try to reach out to him or her if you feel you’re falling behind. Furthermore, depending on the features of the course, there will be some flexibility for submitting assignments as well.

4. Start Early

Start writing your assignments ahead of time. This can be most challenging when you are doing an online course. Try to set yourself a time limit for searching the internet for beneficial links, articles, blogs etc. to support you writing your assignments. Also, try to stick to a few well-chosen resources and start writing your work well ahead of the assignment target.

5. Join Online Groups

Nowadays, there are many resources online to find information for. You can easily join various groups to get advice on TEFL classes, read reviews on certain courses, check out any meetups and so on. Sometimes, people even find their TEFL homework buddy from these kinds of groups. This is also your chance to get to know new people who are looking to work in a similar field as you.Try to be open-minded about sharing your knowledge, and be kind and respectful to your peers.

6. Take Regular Breaks

Remember to take regular breaks to avoid burnout. Taking a break gives you the opportunity to rest and refresh yourself. Get up from your desk, stretch your legs, neck, back, etc., and give your eyes a rest from gazing at a screen. An important part of being an effective learner is understanding when to take time to have a break and replicate what you have learned.

7. Reduce Distractions

Certainly, one of the biggest distractions for a lot of us is our phones and the social media apps. In this case, leaving your phone in another room will help keep you focused on the task at hand. Or else, if you want you can try various different educational apps. For example, you can try Forest app which is a handy little app that discourages you from mindless scrolling. You plant a tree, which will grow while you study, but if you close the app to do something else the tree will die… the more productive you are the better your forest will grow!

8. Understand Your Way of Studying

Understand how you learn best. People don’t learn in the same way. Approaches that might work for someone else can be annoying if it’s not apt for you. Understand what type of learner you are and it can be cooperative to do a bit of research and find studying methods that match your nature. Furthermore, gaining an understanding of various learning styles will help you when you come to work with students!

Well…last of all, enjoy it!Take a deep breath, don’t be overwhelmed. Earning a TEFL certificate is vital for those who want to teach English abroad. Remember to enjoy the TEFL course.

The Bottom Line

You can start your TEFL journey today by enrolling in a 120-hour TEFL course online and working on it at your own pace. Did we miss anything? Do you have any study tips you’d like to share with others? Share them in the comments section below.