Everything you need to know about child care

Everything you need to know about child care


The day has come. It’s time to send your little one to daycare. There are a lot of tears – and not just from your child! But do not worry. There are many ways to make sure you find the best care for your child , which will leave you both happy with your choice – after the tears have dried!

1. Before choosing

When choosing child care services , first ask yourself what will be right for your family.

Do you want home service? Daycare? What about a service in the home of another mother looking after children. The best option depends on what makes you more comfortable .

You’ll also want to consider the location, whether the educator follows government regulations and safety procedures , the qualifications of the staff, and the feeling you get while checking out the premises.

If your child has special needs , you want to be sure that educators are properly certified to meet your child’s needs.

If your child has a severe allergy , is the daycare comfortable in such a situation and does it have an emergency plan in place for an allergic reaction .

When it comes to food, find out if your child will be fed healthy meals and if you are happy with the menu provided.

If you work outside of the regular 9-5 schedule , you’ll want to look for a home daycare or a childcare center that meets your needs.

Of course, chatting with other parents who use a child care service is always helpful.

2. Know when to register your child

When you enroll your child in child care depends on where you live.

Some places require that you start calling when you are pregnant . Others have a little more leeway.

Regardless, a good daycare fills up quickly, so the sooner you are on a waiting list , the better.

The cost of child care in your province , and when you plan to return to work should be factored into your budget. This will also determine when you should register your child.

3. Know how to prepare your child for daycare

If you are going to be separated from your child for the first time and he is a little nervous about it, the best thing is to prepare your child well and start talking to him about the change well before it happens.

Start slowly, with a visit or by leaving your child for short periods of time.

Explain to your child how much fun daycare is and how he will meet new friends.

Prepare for the first day the night before.

Avoid rushing in the morning of the big day.

Say a quick goodbye and go. Delaying will only make things more difficult for your child.

4. Understand why your child is having problems at daycare

No matter how much you prepare, your child could still have problems.

If your child bites or hits other children at daycare , don’t give up! There are various reasons why it can bite. Maybe he’s trying to ease teething pain, relieve stress, or he’s uncomfortable with something.

If there’s been a change in daycare recently , maybe it’s not coping well with the hustle and bustle.

Be sure to talk to your child and your child’s babysitter . Be patient, positive, and stay in touch with all staff so that you are aware of any issues.

Finding someone you trust to take care of your child each day is a monumental task, but by starting your search early and communicating with both your child and the educator, you are sure to find a situation where everyone is. happy!