Comprehensive GMAT Syllabus Guide

Comprehensive GMAT Syllabus Guide


For aspiring MBA candidates and those who want to pursue a career in business, the GMAT is one of the most crucial tests they will ever take. With its comprehensive syllabus, including quantitative, verbal and analytical skills, it’s no wonder why many find this exam so challenging. However, with the right kind of coaching and guidance from experts, nailing your GMAT score is more than possible. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the GMAT syllabus and discuss some of the best gmat online coaching.

Introduction to the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test (CAT) that assesses a candidate’s analytical, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in standard written English. The GMAT exam is used by over 7,000 graduate business programs around the world as part of their admissions process.

The GMAT syllabus covers all aspects of the exam, including:

-The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

-Integrated Reasoning (IR)

-Quantitative Reasoning

-Verbal Reasoning

Overview of GMAT Syllabus

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardised test that assesses the analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills of prospective business school students. The GMAT Syllabus contains four main sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and an essay section. The Quantitative and Verbal sections are multiple choice, while the Integrated Reasoning section includes short and long answer questions.

Quantitative Reasoning: The Quantitative Reasoning section measures your ability to analyze data and solve problems using mathematical concepts. Questions in this section include data sufficiency and problem solving.

Verbal Reasoning: The Verbal Reasoning section measures your ability to read and understand written material and to evaluate arguments. Questions in this section include reading comprehension and critical reasoning.

Integrated Reasoning: The Integrated Reason IN Gsection measures your ability to analyse data from multiple sources and to solve problems using that information. This section includes questions on table analysis, graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, and multi-source reasoning.

The essay section is not graded but is used to assess your writing skills.

Benefits of Taking the GMAT

There are many benefits of taking the GMAT, including:

  1. It can help you get into a top business school. The GMAT is a major factor in MBA admissions decisions, so if you’re hoping to get into a top program, you’ll need a strong score.
  2. It can improve your chances of getting a scholarship. Many MBA programs offer scholarships based on GMAT scores, so if you’re looking for financial assistance, it’s worth doing your best on the exam.
  3. It can help you land a great job. Many employers use GMAT scores as part of their hiring criteria for MBA graduates, so if you want to increase your chances of getting a good job after graduation, aim for a high score.
  4. It can give you an edge in the admissions process. With such a competitive MBA admissions process, anything that can give you an edge is worth considering. A high GMAT score could be the difference between getting into your dream school or being waitlisted.
  5. It can help you stand out from the crowd. With so many qualified candidates applying to MBA programs, anything that makes you unique and memorable is beneficial. A strong GMAT score can help set you apart from other applicants and make you more attractive to admissions committees

The Best GMAT Online Coaching in India

There are a number of online coaching options available for students preparing for the GMAT in India. Some of the best online coaching providers in India include LilacBuds, Eduaims, e-GMAT, and Kaplan.

LilacBuds offers a comprehensive online GMAT prep course that covers all aspects of the GMAT syllabus. They are the best gmat online coaching offering classes by experienced and qualified teachers. Their  personalised GMAT preparation and AI-based learning portal makes them the best GMAT online coaching in India .

EduAims provides live interaction classes, doubt clearing sessions, full length mock tests to help you ace your GMAT preparation. They provide GMAT preparation online services to students across India and GMAT preparation in-center classes through their institute in Kolkata.

e-GMAT provides an online GMAT prep course that offers a comprehensive course covering all aspects of the GMAT syllabus. The course also includes video lessons, practice questions, and mock tests.

Kaplan also offers a comprehensive online GMAT prep course that covers all aspects of the GMAT syllabus. The course includes over 200 hours of video lessons, practice questions, and mock tests.

Strategies and Techniques to Ace the GMAT

To score well on the GMAT, you’ll need to master all the question types and be familiar with the test format. You’ll also need to develop some effective test-taking strategies.

Here are some strategies and techniques to help you ace the GMAT:

1.Understand the Question Types

Familiarise yourself with each type of question and learn how to approach them.

2. Create a Study Plan

Develop a study plan and stick to it. Make sure to include practice questions in your studies so you can get familiar with the types of questions you’ll see on the test.

3.Time Yourself

Practice timing yourself when you take practice tests or do practise questions. This will help you get used to working within the time limits of the actual test.


In conclusion, the GMAT syllabus not only gives you a comprehensive overview of topics, but also provides you with tips and strategies for tackling all sections of the exam. By investing in experienced and the best GMAT online coaching in India, you’ll be well-positioned to utilize your time effectively and maximize your chances of success on the GMAT. With the right guidance and dedication to excellence, you’re sure to reach your goals while enjoying an enjoyable learning experience.