5 Strategies to Help Increase Student’s Attention Span

5 Strategies to Help Increase Student’s Attention Span


There can be many reasons behind why a student has trouble maintaining their concentration in studies or school. Certain noises and movements can cause distractions. Poor sleep or lifestyle can make a student lethargic during classes. The younger a student is, the more difficult it is to hold their attention. Moreover, many students are diagnosed with ADHD and other learning difficulties. So make sure to understand the root cause behind the student’s lower attention span and handle it properly. Leading CBSE schools in Kolkata, have special programs dedicated to students who have trouble following classes in the crowd of heads. Don’t be harsh on the child, and assist them properly or it may adversely affect their growth. Here are further few tips to help deal with lower attention spans in students:

An Organized Environment for an Organized Mind

Sometimes a scattered desk, a messy bed, or the environment can be unsettling for the student’s mind. To help them focus, make sure the study area is well organized with books properly stacked, writing instruments near their reach, and gathered. You can also decorate the study space with a few things like plants or posters. But keep it as light and organized as possible.

Fragmenting and Targeting One Task at a Time

Multi-tasking is never a good option. Instead of pushing a multitude of tasks on one day’s schedule. Routine one thing at a time with proper breaks in between. Jumble things up to keep things from being monotonous. For larger tasks try and fragment them into smaller portions. Attention deficit often occurs when the brain is overly stimulated with different things. Make light and organized schedules and make organized to-do lists for the day for better focus and less distraction.

Creating a Distraction-Free Environment

Whether studying in school or at home, eliminate distracting factors as much as possible. Cover up games and other tempting things with a sheet. Get earplugs or privacy barriers to help set up a noise-free, distraction-free environment. Sometimes soft music playing in the background can help. Try out different environments the farthest away from noise and distractions, try different elements and see which works the best.

Getting Enough Play

When choosing among the ‘best CBSE schools near me, make sure to opt for a school that encourages enough physical activity and extra-curricular activities. Often the reason for poor attention is simply monotonous and dull learning. There needs to be proper breaks and refreshment between learning. Moreover, physical activity helps blood circulation throughout the body, helping increase focus.

Practicing ‘Attention’

Memory games and certain focus games like jigsaw puzzles or crosswords and others can help a student’s concentration power. Encourage interesting activities that require attention. How else can you practice ‘attention’? Assign a task, maybe reading, and set a timer. Encourage the student to notice in the set limited time, how often they disengage and how much work they get done. Then after a short break, try again. This way gradually a student gets better at paying attention.

Hopefully, these practices help in bettering a student’s attention and focus. Leading CBSE schools in Kolkata provide students the best ideal environment and tackle their students’ attention problems themselves without having the guardians worry. However, it is always helpful to work out your child’s problems together at home.