3 Major Online Tutoring Platforms in The United Kingdom

3 Major Online Tutoring Platforms in The United Kingdom


Getting the best tutoring platforms can be challenging for teachers and students. Moreover, choosing the right platform involves intensive research on factors such as pricing, commission fees, technology, and safeguarding practices, to list a few.

Every online tuition agency in the UK is unique, so you might be lost for a long time, hence the need to find the right one for you. To help you find a more satisfactory online tuition service in the UK, we have compiled a wide range of tutoring platforms within which you will interact with the best online tutors UK for a high academic experience.

You would love to use the following major online tutoring platforms in the United Kingdom.

Tutor House

This platform primarily focuses on helping students with exam preparations. It is highly recommended for students who need examination tips or getting ready for upcoming tests. Tutor House is majorly based online; however, there are small opportunities for students to meet their tutors in person.

The platform works effectively in giving examination tips for challenging scientific subjects such as chemistry. It has been used severally by chemistry tutors online to facilitate a proper understanding of key chemistry examination concepts.

Nevertheless, the platform has one major drawback: it does not have a search function that allows users to filter tutors by levels. Therefore, students must hold a personal conversation with their potential tutors before beginning any lessons.

Revision Centre

Unlike other platforms, Revision Centre focuses on a range of subjects- could be those of GCSE or A-level. This feature allows students to increase their performance while boosting their self-confidence quickly. The platform also acts as a haven for all tutors across the country, having different levels of experience, availability, and varying price points so that every student will get the most suitable tutor for their learning sessions.

The platform allows students to search for a tutor and filter them by their experience and subject matter levels. For instance, a student interested in mathematics can easily search for an online maths tutor within the platform and many other options. Doing this ensures that all the student’s requirements are met, and a student will be paired with a highly skilled tutor depending on the subject chosen.

Fleet House

Fleet house, also referred to as fleet tutors, is a unique platform compared to other platforms. For instance, it involves working for a company other than a tutoring site for connecting tutors and students. Most of the science tutors on this platform majorly teach the core and challenging subjects such as mathematics, English, history, and geography. This means that students looking for a less well-known subject can find it more challenging to find the subject on the Fleet House Platform.

However, the platform’s major benefit is its bespoke home-schooling programme. It is an intensive course that easily fits the student’s schedule and focuses on helping them achieve their academic goals.

Have You Chosen Your Tutoring Platform Now?

Well, you now have every important information at your fingertips. All you can do is select your best-preferred tutoring platform with guidance from the above details.

Take your time today and get the best out of your fundamental education years by working with personalized tutoring programmes.